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here is where we come from:  EU-INDUSTRY 

We can support System Design and Manufacturing for any size of IOT project across US / EU / Asia, leveraging on MakeMyBoard - INDUSTRIAL PARTNERS NETWORK, each one -specialized- in different Industrial segments

MkMyBo target Customers are Startup / ME working in Embedded Electronics segments (AIoT, Edge-AI, Personal-Robots, Pocket-PC, 5G-Gateways, HomeAutomation, POS, Infotainment ...) willing to integrate Qualcomm IoT technologies  in their product portfolio 



for our Customers we can provide Turn-Key products integrating THE MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES available in the Industry today, that is:

MkMyBo keys assets:

our final message is: 

"YOU JUST FOCUS on your idea of product, on your vision of new Market trends and over the increasing complexity of your Software Application 

                        .............. WE WILL TAKE CARE that your Hardware will always meet your Perf/Price - Quality expectations "